I can only only marvel at the time and effort taken to create this layer lapse (timelapse images layered in post processing application). Here are some staggering statistics on how much time, energy, and money went into this layer-lapse: Tryba visited NYC 22 times, drove 9988 miles, spent 352 hours shooting 232,000 photos with 6 cameras (5 Canon DSLRs and a Sony a7R II) and 11 different lenses, and paid $1,430 in parking fees.

Back in 2014, time-lapse photographer Julian Tryba released a “layer-lapse” of Boston that showed different times of day in different parts of each frame. That video went viral and received over a million views. Now Tryba is back with another layer-lapse, this time of New York City in the 3-minute short film above.

This Layer-Lapse of NYC Combines Different Times of Day in Each Frame


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