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This quote by Ken Rockwell sums up my perspective on photography “I’m creating art. I’m not trying to duplicate reality. Photography has never been able to duplicate reality, and if it could, it’s not art.” I enjoy creating images in the camera and in the computer using visible and invisible light. Recently changing to Sony mirrorless DSLR cameras (two specifically converted for infrared imagery), I have the additional challenge of getting acquainted with a new menu system, features and functions.

Below is a gallery of my recent images uploaded to my Flickr account with the most recently added images at the beginning. Click on an individual image and use the arrows at the bottom left of each image to view the next/previous image. If you are a member of Flickr, click on the View on Flickr link at the bottom of each page and you can sign in to comment on the images. Click on the cross at the bottom right of each image to close the gallery.

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